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Poker is a huge game in every aspect you can think of, be it variants, strategies, players, jackpots, the list just goes on and on. It’s has such a huge scope that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming at times for new players. This shouldn’t faze you however. Just remember that like anything new, you have to learn from the bottom all the way up to the top and if you cut corners, you will never have a true rounded understanding of whatever it is you’re trying to learn. In order to get you off to a flying start it’s always nice to get some background knowledge of the game you’re going to be playing so much of. It helps to ground you in the subject that you’re learning (in this case poker) and gives you a place of reference where you can start off from.

Poker is a very social game despite the in-game action dictating otherwise. There’s a gigantic community involved in the game, people from all walks of life. This is the beauty of poker, it can be played by anyone from anywhere and its rules are universal. This is especially true of Texas Hold Em, probably the most popular version of poker in this day and age. This is a very good thing because it means there’s no shortage of forums, guides, discussions, videos and of course online poker rooms, to indulge in your new found past time.

The History of Poker

The roots of poker stretch back very far through the history books. Far from it being a totally modern game invented by one person or country alone, it is actually a collection of different parts of different games from many different countries all rolled into one amazingly fun experience. Through the hundreds of years it’s developed new and different rules, varying card values and rankings, different bet types and schemes and of course different ideas for creating variant games and tournaments. It’s crossed the whole world and back again many times to arrive at the game of poker we know and love today.

In our history of poker article were going to take a look at 3 stages of the historical life cycle of poker. These stages are the birth of the game itself, where it came from and ideas that started contributing to its style. Its evolution throughout the hundreds of years it’s been around, so the countries it was brought to and the effects they had on the game. Also we will look at how it stands now in today’s modern society, where the game is now after hundreds of years of evolving little by little into the popular card game we know and love.

5 Tips for Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are pretty much a standard fair of the game in this modern age. You can most probably find a poker tournament being played in your area this week with relative ease. This is not including the thousands upon thousands of poker tournaments that occur online on a daily basis, all of which you can access from the comfort of your own home with little more than a smartphone or tablet device and a Wi-Fi connection. With this said it takes a slightly different set of skills to be proficient during a poker tournament. Why is this? Well the reason is you will play thousands of hands and move across a few tables in the process of eliminating all the other players, and if by the end you manage to make it to the final table, you could quite easily have been playing poker for 8+ hours a day across 2 or 3 days even just to reach the end game.

Does all this sound a bit daunting? To be honest it really shouldn’t because after all you’re playing a game that you love so there’s no shortage of fun, what it does require however is some extra special mental toughness. This is because you’re going to be playing long hours, and having to keep your game water tight during all those hours of play is where the real skill in poker lies. You will battle tiredness, frustration, bad luck and even some missed opportunities. It’s how you deal with all these negative aspects that really sets a winner apart from all the losers.

In our poker tournament article were going to look at 5 key tips that you should keep in mind when playing this style of poker. In truth they are applicable to you even when you’re enjoying you’re weekly poker night with your buddies, but in a tournament style setup these tips can make all the difference between winning and losing. If a couple seem obvious that’s because they are, the problem is that people tend to forget the most obvious mistakes that can be made because they try to figure out complex issues instead. Remember you must learn to walk before you can become Usain Bolt!

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