Poker Strategy – Tips, Tricks and Tactics

At we take our Texas Hold Em very seriously, and we hope that throughout this article you discover many tips and tricks that will allow you to master your game and your emotions during your next poker sessions! This legendary card game requires technical knowledge and outstanding self-control.

If you're new to the world of online poker, you're likely seen as an easy mark by better players. However, once you improve your game and know certain strategies (such as identifying players' ability levels), you'll have an upper hand in the game, and will be able to win consistently. You'll also be able to recognize which games are worth your time, and when you should cash out early on.

Reading Other Players

One of the worst ways to look at the world is by focusing on the fact that there will always be someone better than you. This logic applies to pretty much everything, and poker is no exception. With poker, however, it doesn't matter if there are players better than you; it's knowing how to identify which players are the good ones, and which ones need some work.

The two types of players you're likely to encounter are "loose" and "tight" players. Loose players are usually inexperienced and don't understand the importance of how to select a good hand, and when to fold on a bad one. These players often rely on luck more than skill. Tight players, on the other hand, usually fold their cards, waiting for a quality hand before they make their move. Of course, there are variations between these types of players, which you will experience first-hand during online poker games. You can learn more on this inside this free video poker link.

Tells in Online Poker

Many people join online poker websites with hopes of making easy money. One of the reasons that people think this is possible is that they imagine that, safely hidden behind a computer screen, they won't have any "tells". A tell is an unconscious gesture or perhaps a particular phrase from a player that unwittingly provides clues to his opponents about what type of hand he has and they are in fact still very much a big part of online poker games.

Even though you're sitting behind a computer screen, it's still possible for your competition to read you and to determine what type of hand you have. This is because it's very easy to fall into a rhythm when playing online. Since it's seen as common courtesy to keep the game moving along as quickly as possible, you could be developing timing and betting patterns which more experienced players will pick up on.

One of the easiest ways to abolish any tells that you may have is by keeping a broken rhythm to your game from the start. Limit the use of automatic features like auto call, and take a bit of time before you decide to raise or call. By staggering the amount of time that it takes you to place a bet or call, you mix things up so other players can't get a read on the hands you have.

Key Poker Hands

The best poker strategy is to play conservative and play premium hands pre-flop. When in fact the hands that we love and make the most money from are suited connectors like QJ suited or small pairs. Yes, we all know pre-flop these hands are dominated by the hands like AA, KK, QQ etc. but there a few reasons why the suited connectors and small pairs are big moneymakers. Let’s take a look at both in a bit more detail.

Suited Connectors with Big Cards

It’s a hand with many possibilities. You have chances of a flush, straight, two pair, trips, and top pair with a decent kicker with hands like QJ suited. Suited connectors are hands to easily get away from with a flop of rags and no flush opportunities. The premium hands are harder to get away from and most of the time people play them too aggressive post-flop when there is a good chance they are beaten. The suited connectors are great multi-way action hands where your EV increases with each player in the pot.

Small Pairs

Once again these hands are easy to get away from. Too many players overvalue small pairs, but you shouldn't as a Poker Noise member. Look to hit your trips and be aggressive when you do hit your set. If you miss the flop then it's an easy fold. The premium hands have really no room for improvement. Only two cards can improve them and give you a set. The difference is the small pairs you can fold much easier than pocket aces, etc. With aces, you will go to the river not really knowing if you are beaten. So, when you get mad that you aren't picking up some premium hands playing online poker than just remember that suited connectors and small pairs can turn into a profitable session.

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